Ways to Use CBD Honey

Honey is one of the sweetest natural substances with a long list of health benefits and an awesome taste. Very few natural, edible options have the same wellness benefits. Another similar substance that takes the trophy is CBD.

Honey is produced by honey bees as a substance extracted from flowers and other plant saps and regurgitated in the hive. CBD or cannabidiol on the other hand is found in abundance in hemp Sativa plants of cannabis types and is one of the 100+ cannabinoids occurring naturally. CBD unlike THC or tetrahydrocannabinol has no euphoric or psychoactive effects.

These substances are great by themselves separately just imagine what they could do once fused together. Don’t ponder as they have been fused and what was created was CBD Honey. It is not extravagant to say that this is one of the greatest combinations just like peanut butter and chocolate by Milton Hershey.

CBD honey is not just a tasty treat. It can be used to gain relief from a variety of ailments. You can use it topically and orally for your wellness, health and happiness.  CBD Honey can be used as a substitute for sugar in almost all food items. Always remember CBD honey is made of over-regulated heat and hence it is not advisable to use it in the process of cooking. You can simply add a bit of CBD Honey to any kind of foods and beverages as long as the cooking part is over.

Let us see a variety of ways to use CBD Honey.

Sports drinks

A refreshing drink after a rigorous workout or an exhausting game can always be spiced up with CBD honey for rejuvenating yourself. Try to make one using lime juice, lemon juice, salt, water and CBD honey. Feel the power coming back and your nerves relax.

Tea and coffee sweetener

Tea or coffee and honey have been mixed together for a long time. Any bitter drink can be sweetened with honey. Just imagine the benefits you will receive if you use CBD honey instead. Try using it to taste rather than in fixed quantities, regulate and experiment.

CBD Honey Caramel sauce

Similar to honey caramel is used in coffee, on fruits, over salad and well, by itself. Caramel goes great with everything. Create your own batch of CBD Honey Caramel sauce and use it for everything you feel or want to have it with.

Oley Hemp Raw Honey with CBD

Cough Syrup

A nagging cough can be very nasty and keep you awake at nights. Pharmaceutical cough syrups are available and honey is also an effective natural compound for cough relief. There’s something else as well for relief using natural substances with no drowsiness or side effects.

Mix water, ginger root, marshmallow root and cinnamon. Boil it and then simmer till half the water is evaporated, filter the water and then add lemon juice and CBD honey while it’s still warm. Once it cools transfer it to a jar with a tight lid and then store it in a refrigerator.

CBD honey Peanut butter

Many people make their own peanut butter which is healthy as well as delicious. In an effort to boost the health benefits more add some CBD honey to it. This won’t only enhance the health benefits but also the taste to a great extent.

Salad dressing

With CBD honey at hand don’t buy any more of the ready-made stuff.  Enjoy a delicious, nutritious and healthier alternative. Mix Balsamic vinegar, Olive oil, and CBD honey. Garnish with a bit of salt, pepper and some herbs as per your liking and use this homemade tasty salad dressing. Don’t forget to lick your fingers.

Dark Chocolate

Brands are good, yours can be better. All you need is cocoa butter, coconut oil, salt, chocolate chips, and CBD honey to make your own dark chocolate. Also, consider making some dark chocolate and peanut butter using CDB honey, then mix them together for your own Hershey’s inventions. Don’t smack your lips yet, there are more to come.



Make your own marshmallows. Don’t use any extra ingredients like corn starch, artificial flavour etc. Out of the many ways to make marshmallows find one you like and simple substitute CBD honey for the flavouring part.


Make your own taffy using CBD honey as a sweetener to sneak in that quick workout.

Caramel-Pecan bars

Mix up your own hearty helping of caramel-pecan bars and keep munching. Oh, did we forget to mention CBD honey as the sweetener here?

Replace Sugar

Replace sugar entirely with CBD honey. Wherever you use sweeteners just replace them with CBD honey. Consider sliding in a spoonful between meals to keep the engine running. Glucose prevents soreness of muscles as it is filled with fructose, glucose and sucrose. All energy boost for your body in a spoon.

Well, these were some of the yummy, edible uses. Let’s see some other uses now.

Face Mask

One tablespoon each of coconut oil and CBD honey, and it’s goodbye to dry skin forever. Apply this on your face and let it be there for half an hour. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry (don’t wipe) your face with a towel.

Acid Reflux

Quench acid reflux fire with a teaspoon of CBD honey daily. It is safe for everyday use so don’t stop using.

Hangover gone

Consume some CBD honey with a cup of strong tea and gain relief from that hangover of last night. The antioxidants in CBD honey neutralize the toxins and the natural fructose helps break down alcohol into benign byproducts.

Topical antibiotic

Dab on a bit of CBD honey on cuts, wounds or bruises. CBD will be absorbed through the skin for pain relief and the antibiotic effects of honey will help heal the wound.


Mix up your CBD honey with some natural honey and consume a tablespoon daily for relief against all seasonal and substance or food-based allergies.


Oley Hemp Pet Shampoo

Treat Burns

CBD honey helps you in keeping minor first-degree burns sterile and improves healing time. For burns with higher damage consult a physician immediately.


Wash your face with CBD honey for blemish-free skin and reduce those pesky red spots. CBD honey cleans your face without stripping off the new cells and normalizes the production of sebum. Get healthy and clear skin, fast.

Lip Moisturizer

Don’t spend money on lip balms and make your own with CBD honey. All it needs are just some easy to gather ingredients and a simple recipe for luscious lips. Get benefits of CBD and those soft lips.

Gingivitis relief

Apply a dab of CBD honey to your gums daily. Honey kills the bacteria and CBD offers relief.

Menstrual cramps

Get pain relief during your menstrual cycle. Mix one tablespoon in a glass of warm water and drink. CBD honey stimulates the production of omega-6 fatty acids which evens out the hormones coursing through the veins.

As aftershave

Apply a thin layer of CBD honey to the affected areas which might feel tight or have red bumps. Rinse with cold water after it dries off in a few minutes. Gain soothing effects of honey and CBD relief without the trademark burning sensation of an aftershave.

These were just some of the ways CBD honey can be used. There are plenty more. Be experimental and enjoy the benefits of honey and CBD in one product.