Oley Hemp Affiliate Program

The Oley Hemp Affiliate Program

The Oley Hemp affiliate program is a great way to earn commissions by promoting our high quality, organic hemp and CBD-based products to your health, pet and planet-conscious audience. We're looking for passionate individuals to join our affiliate team!

Seeking Nutrition, Organic & Natural Product Connoisseurs!

Do you and your audience appreciate Organic & Natural products?

If you are in the health, nutrition, organic or natural products world and have a passionate audience of like-minded followers of your website, blog, email newsletter, YouTube channel or social networks, you might be the perfect fit for the Oley Hemp Affiliate program!

You'll get a 20% commission on all sales made by the customers you refer!

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About Oley Hemp

Oley Hemp is a leading producer of hemp and hemp-derived products that deliver a pure and natural wellness experience from high quality, organically grown hemp in farms across the U.S. Oley Hemp takes the highest-quality hemp and combines it with the industry’s most sophisticated manufacturing methods to produce a wide range of 100% biodegradable products for personal, pet care and commercial use. Our products are free from fillers, additives, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, GMOs, gluten and dairy. From harvest to your home, we take great pride in preserving the quality and transparency of our products for your family, pets and home. Our commitment is to help you balance your body and total wellness by delivering the highest quality hemp-derived products available.