15 Hemp Facts You Didn't Know

Though it’s been only two years since hemp was federally legalized in the United States (again), the versatile plant has exploded in popularity.

Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Olivia Wilde have spoken about the calming and muscle-relaxing effects that CBD from hemp products has given them. Medical journals and news websites from around the world tout hemp as a promising treatment for various medical conditions.

It’s so popular that everyday products like skin cream and honey are now produced with hemp oil infusions to cater to consumers who are turning to hemp products for their health benefits and eco-friendly qualities.

So why has hemp suddenly become all the rage? We’ve compiled 15 facts about hemp that you didn’t know. Read on to impress your friends and become a hemp expert.

15 hemp facts you didn’t know:

1. Hemp is highly sustainable

Hemp can grow in all 50 states and requires only moderate amounts of water. Unlike America’s other favorite cash crop, cotton, which uses the largest amount of pesticides and herbicides in the world, hemp can thrive without any of those chemicals.

It can grow in the same soil for up to 4 cycles using only a moderate amount of fertilizer. A single acre of hemp can yield up to 3 tons of fiber, nearly ten times that of cotton.

2. Hemp fabric will last for decades

The highly breathable hemp fabric can last up to 30 years, according to some estimates. It’s very soft and not susceptible to shrinking.

In hot climates, the fabric allows moisture to easily evaporate from the skin without soaking it up. And better yet, it’s resistant to mold and mildew, making it a great material for blankets and towels.

3. It’s biodegradable

Despite its long life, hemp will eventually biodegrade as long as dye, toxic chemicals, and blended fibers aren’t added to it. The process can take anywhere from a few weeks (think raw fibers) to a few decades (like thick ropes, for example) depending on what the fibers have been manufactured into.

Some innovative companies are trying to make biodegradable plastics using hemp. Hemp contains a high concentration of cellulose, which is used to make bioplastics.

4. It mitigates climate change

Hemp absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and stores it in stems and leaves as it grows. This process slows down climate change as the carbon would have otherwise ended up trapping heat in the atmosphere. 

Some construction companies are going a step further by using hemp-based construction materials to insulate museums and domestic housing. The hemp-and-lime insulation panels help the buildings reduce their reliance on electric or coal-fired heating systems.

5. Hemp seeds are superfoods

Packed with all 9 essential amino acids, hemp seeds are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. They taste mildly nutty and are commonly known as hemp hearts.

They are also a great source of protein. Studies have shown that hemp seeds contain about 10% more high-quality proteins than chia seeds and flaxseeds. They can be eaten raw or roasted.

6. Your heart may benefit from eating hemp seeds

The omega-3, omega-6, stearidonic (SDA), and the rare omega-6 Gamma Linolenic acids (GLA) found in hemp seeds can help your body manage a host of heart-related conditions, from reducing high blood pressure to easing inflammations.

Your body can’t make these important dietary fats, so consuming them through hemp seeds and other foods is essential to maintaining good heart health and metabolism.

7. It can help relieve pain

Researchers have found that applying cannabidiol, or CBD, on the skin could help reduce inflammation and pain caused by arthritis. The CBD, an active ingredient derived from hemp, acts as an inhibitor for inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

Even if you just have muscle soreness from exercise or work, CBD can help make a difference. Users with back and shoulder aches and other pains noticed immediate improvements after applying CBD to painful areas. They felt their muscles relax, and spasms disappear.

8. Hemp reduces anxiety

For those of us who struggle with anxiety and insomnia, hemp could be the answer. Studies suggest that CBD helps moderate our response to stressors.

People who have taken CBD report a calmer heart rate, reduced anxiety levels, and an ability to stay asleep for longer.

9. It also works wonders for skin health

Applying CBD on skin significantly relieves dry skin and treats a whole host of skin diseases like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and acne. The hemp seed oil strengthens skin and makes it better resistant to bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

Medical experts say that hemp seed oil does this because of its high omega-3 and -6 fatty acid content. They help keep the skin hydrated and regulate skin oil production to prevent your pores from getting clogged.

10. Hemp can help constipation

Consuming hemp seed oil and hemp-based food products regularly can work as a laxative. Studies have shown that patients with severe constipation experienced improvements after taking those products.

They also reported lesser pain and a decreased need for straining when passing stool.

11. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers hemp to be safe for use

To date, there has been no evidence that CBD causes any public-health related problems. The WHO considers hemp to have a relatively good safety profile, with early clinical studies suggesting that it could be an effective treatment for epilepsy.

Other studies are currently being conducted to understand CBD’s potential as a treatment for other medical conditions. Experts widely agree that CBD does not have the potential for dependence or abuse in humans.

12. Hemp is not the same as marijuana

It’s easy to think of hemp and marijuana as the same plant. But although they look and smell almost the same, hemp plants contain no more than 0.3 percent of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the famous psychoactive ingredient both plants are known for. This means that you can’t get high from consuming hemp products.

Marijuana, in contrast, contains between 5-20 percent THC. When growing marijuana, cultivators put emphasis on getting large flowers to increase the concentration of THC in the plant. Whereas for hemp, farmers grow it outside to make it as big as possible to harvest its fibers.

13. Hemp could be the next big biofuel

Hemp’s ability to grow in most climates around the world has made innovators curious about its potential as a biofuel. Unlike corn or sugarcane, which are both major food crops and the main sources of biofuels today, most parts of hemp cannot be eaten, making it ideal for mass cultivation solely for fuel production.

Although the technology is still in the nascent stages, researchers predict that our slow shift away from fossil fuels will help us consider hemp as a renewable biofuel source.

14. Hemp has health benefits for pets

Just like humans, dogs, cats, and other pets can benefit from the soothing effects of hemp and CBD. Small doses of CBD in pet food could treat joint pain caused by arthritis in aging dogs and cats.

More than that, CBD could help animals with poor cardiovascular health recover. The fatty acids in hempseed have been found in studies to improve the function of blood vessels.

15. It’s the most versatile plant ever

It’s a fact that hemp is the most versatile plant on this planet. Since 8,000 BC, humans have used hemp to make all types of useful items, from clothing to rope to luxury cars even.

Hemp’s durability and strength have made it outlast other plants as the most sustainable option we have for manufacturing new products. Innovators are now using hemp to make new products like bioconcrete that is both flame-resistant and biodegradable. As interest in hemp products grows, we can expect to see beneficial returns for our health and the environment.

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