The Safest and Completely Natural Animal Bedding: Hemp Chicken Bedding

Many animal lovers overlook the necessity of lining their coop, be it chicken or diary pet enclosure with proper animal bedding but it is the best thing you can do for your pet. Among all the options even the organic ones, hemp bedding for chickens is making a name for itself. It is extremely absorbent, contains no fancy artificial flavour, has a natural fresh scent, and is a value for money product.

Poor quality bedding for their pens may cause the animals to experience problems with respiration, and at the same time, the cleaning bit will be a pain if the absorbency levels are not sound. In this article, we will discuss Hemp bedding for animals and understand it deeply.

So, what is Hemp?

It is a very versatile plant and is called Cannabis Sativa. Yes, it belongs to the Cannabis family, and Cannabis Sativa is the one that produces both marijuana and hemp.  Marijuana has more THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol which is solely responsible for the psychoactive mind-altering effects of pot. Hemp on the other hand is rich in Cannabidiol or CBD which has a host of medicinal, health, and wellness benefits.

Hemp originates from south-east Asia but is grown all over the world now. Since ancient times it has been used for a variety of uses starting from textiles, insulation, rope, and wellness as well. Hemp contains a total of five hundred natural chemical compounds. This list features, cannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids, flavonols, flavonoids, etc. Some of these natural chemicals act as pesticides and keep the pests, insects, and animals away without using any artificial pesticides or repellants. Even today hemp fibres are used to make textiles, health, wellness, and beauty products as well from its extracts, and now even hemp bedding from its stalk.

But, how is hemp bedding made?

The Hurd of the hemp plants is used to make the hemp mulch, which is soft, absorbent, and completely natural. It is the stem and stalk of the plant and is finely mulched like straw to create the bedding. This is then spread across the floor of the pen or the cage to provide soft bedding for your pets with a nestable and burrow-able environment.

Every type of bedding has its features and these are related to its use and benefits. Here are some facts about hemp bedding.

  • Clumps when wet.
  • Easily cleanable and refillable.
  • Naturally pest repellent and antimicrobial.
  • Very highly absorbent and traps moisture.
  • Superior odour control.
  • 1 bale lasts about six months.

Having considered the above here are the top hemp animal bedding benefits and they explain in detail why hemp is the best.

Okay, here are the top reasons why Hemp is the best animal bedding.

  1. Hemp stalk is super absorbent and a natural product

The rate of absorption of a substance mostly decides its usefulness as an animal bedding material. We love and care about our pets, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, or other species, cleaning their excreta from their coops or pens could be extremely stomach-turning if the floor is not absorbent or porous.

Some types of animal bedding can be very inefficient and turn out to be decorative elements in the end. Hemp, on the other hand, can absorb moisture two times as much as wood shavings. This will let you breathe easier as you clean the coop, pen, or enclosure.

  1. It has an extremely effective odour control mechanism

Most animal excreta smell of strong ammonia, especially more so if the animal in question is a rat or chicken. Using Hemp chicken bedding the strong odours are captured and controlled. Hemp bedding does not come with artificial fragrances to mask off the bad odours but it has its own naturally fresh scent.

Hemp mulch has superior odour control properties as well and chicken keepers do not have to worry at all about the bad ammonia odours. Hemp’s odour control mechanism leaves a natural and fresh smell around the coop area. As it smells natural it also keeps the flies and microbes at bay.

  1. It is a natural pest repellent

Hemp has unique natural pesticides which keep pests and insects away from it. Mites, flies or other critters whatever be the pest, hemp keeps it away from itself. If you own chickens a mite infestation can be a real issue for your home and your flock. Other than planned cleaning hemp bedding is a very efficient agent to keep pests and insects away.

Additionally spraying eucalyptus oil, apple cider vinegar, or tea tree oil when sprayed on hemp bedding becomes a formidable fortress against all pests. This even kills mites and keeps the coop hygienic.

  1. It is environment friendly

Industrial hemp always decomposes and can be used as compost also using chicken droppings. If you care for the environment you will use hemp animal bedding. The used bedding can be used as manure for your kitchen garden as it is completely biodegradable.

Quite a win-win situation, isn’t it?

  1. Let them breathe easy

Hemp bedding is one of the fully natural animal beddings in the market. Other types of artificial bedding like recycled paper can contain some toxic elements and certain acids released continuously from wood shavings can cause gradual damage to the pet’s respiratory system. As an example, you might hate the idea of using a toxic product as a wrap or a bedsheet.

This is one of the main reasons why hemp bedding is one of the best natural animal bedding products available in the market. It is so because it is grown organically and without the use of toxic chemicals like the others.

  1. Hemp bedding is dust-free

Hemp chicken bedding ensures no dust is flying about in the house or the pet's immediate environment. Dust is also another major cause for causing respiratory issues and other diseases in birds or small animals. Mites love dust and when they get some they come and reach even the safest of environments.  These can be a nuisance for the birds.

The respiratory system of chickens is quite delicate and you need to find a balance between their health, comfort, and your choice. However, if you do some detailed fact-finding you will concur that hemp animal bedding is the best.

Use hemp bedding with minimal dust for a dust-free environment for you and your pets.

  1. Hemp bedding saves money

Hemp chicken bedding is exceptional value for money for many reasons. As it is highly absorbent a lesser amount than normal lives up to the task fine, and the same applies to refilling, a small amount at a time. This controls usage and reduces wastage.

You will be saved from a lot of expenses and hassle as you would not at all be worried about pests and mites as hemp will also take care of those inconveniences. A standard variety of animal bedding might not be so robust.

The non –toxicity of hemp keeps the veterinary visits to a minimum and promotes health and appropriately lengthened life. Hemp also has inbuilt thermal capabilities and these keep the birds warm and repel dampness. This way the birds are way safer and happier and encouraged to lay more eggs.

This also saves a bit of the energy bills by saving the heaters.

  1. Hemp bedding is much more sustainable

Hemp grows in a completely organic environment and requires no intervention from chemicals or pesticides. This turns it into a winning situation. Hemp bedding is a far more superior product than other types of animal bedding for all the above-listed causes. If you think this way, it is also beneficial to the environment because it relies on natural processes to grow and thus sets the circle of nature in motion.

Its requirement of human intervention in its growth is not required at all for fast and healthy growth.

Some people may still prefer to use other cheaper methods by compromising a bit on this and a bit on that. If people still prefer to use sand for animal bedding it is by their choice based on several factors. Consider pine shavings, cedar shavings, and other wood shavings, coarse grain sand as well. Some people might want their birds to be physically fitter and appear deadly with sharp claws and beaks. Sand will also allow for efficient drainage and thus help to maintain a fly and odour-free coop, pen, or holding area.

However, thinking more practically here’s what you might want to consider. Sand is not thermally sound as it freezes in winter and becomes extremely hot in summer. This can make your animals sick or unwell. Guinea pigs, rabbits, and even chickens need controlled temperatures to live healthily and happily.


Bedding lacking proper insulation can also make the animals or birds sick as some strains of microbes can strive well in extreme temperatures.

Now that you know a lot about hemp bedding we hope you will take the right decision in changing gears to hemp chicken bedding and take an informed decision to use an organic bedding mulch with many benefits and assurance of safety over the others.